The Doug Russell Show

The Doug Russell Show

Doug Russell is live every week day from 6 - 8 pm and is your perfect way to wrap up your sports day. Segments include Leading Off, The 7 at 7 and guests from all around sports to fill you in on what happened throughout the day.


10.17.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 17, 2019 7:09 p.m.

Hour 1: An abbreviated show ahead of ALCS Game 4 coverage begins with our Leading Off segment which includes some Bucks talk, some Packers injuries, what sort of position Doug could play for the Packers if they need him, as well as a look at the Badgers game against Illinois on Saturday morning. Doug also goes over the NBA GM survey where the general managers of team voted on who they believe will win each conference, who will win MVP, and who will win the NBA title. We also talk to Raiders sideline reporter Chris Townsend to go over the Raiders Packers match up this Sunday afternoon.

10.16.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 16, 2019 8:07 p.m.

Hour 1: We begin with our daily segment of Leading Off which recaps the best headlines in sports with audio from press conferences, interviews, and sound bites all around sports. We also field fan phone calls regarding the issue with the Ryder Cup tickets that went on sale today but not anyone got access through the Ryder Cup website. We also talk to JR Radcliffe, a writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who wrote a piece on the Ryder Cup ticket situation who gives us some insights on what may have happened that really screwed over fans. We also dive into the recent Brooks Koepka Rory McIlroy “rivalry”

Hour 2: We begin the hour with what we call the 7 at 7. Today’s 7 at 7 includes Mike Tomlin, Joe Maddon, college quarterbacks who were only good in college, Marcus Mariota, and much more. We also talk about the possible extension of the NFL season. Jason Wilde joins the program to talk about the Packers. Wilde covers the team, the NFL rules such as the catch rule and helmet to helmet to contact rule

10.15.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 15, 2019 7:04 p.m.

Hour 1: An abbreviated hour of The Doug Russell Show as we get into NLCS Coverage. The hour begins reviewing the Packers 23-22 win over the Detroit Lions on MNF. The discussion turns to the referees and if DET fans have a point of complaining about the referees since that would be Packer fans if the Packers did lose. We take a poll asking fans if the Packers stole the game on Monday Night Football. We also have a conversation with founder of Bucks player and co-founder of the MACC fund John McGlocklin. We also talk the legitamacy of this year’s Wisconsin Badgers Team

10.11.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 11, 2019 6:28 p.m.

Hour 1: We begin with our daily segment Leading Off which recaps the biggest headlines in Wisconsin sports and beyond. Doug also goes into a story of the NCAA dismissing a championship from Division III school Mary Hardin-Baylor back in 2016 because a coach lent a player his car when the student’s car broke down. We then go over some of the most ridiculous NCAA “rules” and what sort of penalties they have enforced on other schools. We also have our weekly chat with The Fat Jack who gives us his football picks for the weekend. Also included a conversation with Bucks beat writer of The Athletic Eric Nehm who previews tonight’s game against the Mavericks and what sort of expectations this Bucks team has this season coming off a league best record the in the season prior.

10.9.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 9, 2019 10 p.m.

Hour 1: We begin the hour with our Leading Off segment recapping the stories of the day – both local and national sports. We then break down a Brett Favre’s podcast with Peter King where Brett talks intimately with Peter regarding his head injuries and how symptoms of CTE has affected his life. This comes on the eve of Favre’s 50th birthday. We also have our weekly chat with our Packers writer/insider Jason Wilde. The hour ends on a discussion about the Braves organization not putting foam tomahawks on seats and not prompting the tomahawk chop to accommodate a St. Louis Cardinals player of Native American descent

Hour 2: An abbreviated hour as Doug walks you into the starting lineups of the NLDS between the Dodgers and the Nationals. We begin with the 7 at 7 which this edition comes with a certain theme. Doug also dives deeper into the current situation with the NBA and China and gives his thoughts on the situation.

10.7.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 7, 2019 7:42 p.m.

Hour 1: In hour one of The Doug Russell Show we have our leading off segment which recaps the day in local sports as well as updating you on the most recent sport news across all leagues. We also have a conversation with Packers beat writer Matt Schneidman of the Athletic to recap the Green Bay Packers Dallas Cowboys game that happened yesterday.

Hour 2: An abbreviated hour leading up to ALDS coverage between the Yankees and the Twins. Doug rolls through the 7 at 7 that recaps the current situation between the NBA, Houston Rockets General Manager Darryl Morey and China.

10.4.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 4, 2019 10 p.m.

Hour 1: The Doug Russell Show is from live from Marquette Madness. A jam-packed MU show with this hour featuring Marquette’s Athletic Director Bill Scholl. MU Men’s Basketball Coach Steve Wojociechowski and our weekly segment of football picks with Fat Jack

Hour 2: The hour kicks off with the 7 most important stories that you need to know for the day – we like to call it the 7 at 7. Doug also breaks down Brewers General Manager and President of Baseball Operations David Sterns’ end of the season press conference. Reigning Big East player of the year Markus Howard also Marquette Women’s Basketball Coach Meghan Duffy and new recruit Lauren Van Kuenen join Doug to end the hour.

10.3.19 The Doug Russell Show

October 3, 2019 8:09 p.m.

Hour 1: The show begins with the Leading Off segment – we then extend the conversation to the Brewers and which free agent should be David Sterns’ priority heading into next season. Doug also talks to Milwaukee Admirals head coach Karl Taylor who will lead the team into their 50th season.

Hour 2: An abbreviated hour of The Doug Russell Show has us talking about the recent buyout at Sports Illustrated, a discussion on print journalism, as well as if any Brewers fans have post season interest as the crew is now out of the playoffs.

09-30-19 Hour 2

September 30, 2019 10 p.m.

Doug previews the NL Wild Card Match up against the Brewers and the Nationals. Doug interviews Chris Russell - a baseball columnist from D.C. to give us insight on what the Nationals look like and their mindset coming into tomorrow's game.
We also get some in depth Brewers perspective from Brewers Extra Innings host on WTMJ Matt Pauley

09-30-19 Hour 1

September 30, 2019 10 p.m.

Doug breaks down Bucks Media Day as Eric Nehm joins the program.
He also previews the National League Wild Card game between the Brewers and the Nationals.
Segment also includes Leading Off, comments from Craig Counsell, and Barry Alvarez's comments on the California bill that allows college athletes to make a profit off of their name, image, and likeness