ESPN Wisconsin Mashup

ESPN Wisconsin Mashup

The ultimate mashup: We're mixing up our favorite hosts on our favorite shows and putting them with co-hosts they're not so familiar with. It's MASHUP Week on ESPN Wisconsin and things are bound to get interesting...


5.13.20 Wilde & Gabe

May 13, 2020 5:51 p.m.

Hour 1: The show opens discussing the situation going on with producer Jesse Nelson and why he is a “nervous wreck” for tonight. The guys then get into college football and the possibility of it starting on time. They are getting into the comments made by ESPN’s Heather Dinich earlier today on Scalzo, Brust & Tausch, talking about if college football will start on time. The guys then talk to Colorado State football coach Brian White. White has coached Mark Tauscher, Ron Dayne and AJ Dillion. Wilde & Gabe ask White about his experience coaching all of those players in their conversation.

Hour 2: The hour kicks off with very special guest Mason Crosby to talk about his effort with The Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. Mason talks about his personal experiences with Cancer and why he has this motivation to help attack this disease. Mason also details what a virtual off-season is like, what his workouts are like and more. We then have a Rams round of Are You Smarter Than? And in Wilde’s normal 4:40 spot, the guys talk to The Athletic’s Matt Schneidman.

Hour 3: The hour opens talking about haircuts – a conversation stemming from the interview with Matt Schneidman last hour. The guys also talk more Packers and talk over/under of TD catches for Davante Adams. They also get into more NFL prop bets. The guys also play a round of Woah Nelly. The show ends giving Jesse a pep-talk for his performance tonight.

5.13.20 TBD w/ Greg Matzek & Tony Smith

May 13, 2020 3 p.m.

TGM Day 3! Things open up with Greg and Tony discussing multitasking, then they get into a discussion about California State Universities making announcements in May that could impact things in September, and check in with Jason Wilde. In hour 2, ESPN's Jalen Rose joins the show, the guys play "Fact or Fiction", and finish the show off with "Guess Your Teammate".

5.13.20 The Power Lunch w/ Bryan Dee

May 13, 2020 1 p.m.

Bryan Dee opens things up talking about National Treasure and how it relates to the NBA, asks fans about the feeling they would have with a Bucks championship in this climate, reacts to the latest from the MLBPA meetings, and shares critiques for the LA Rams uniforms.

5.13.20 Scalzo Brust & Tausch

May 13, 2020 noon

The guys went golfing. Greg has to give a Eulogy. Chad Millman form the Action Network joins the show. Is a drink stronger at home or at the bar?

5.13.20 - Homer & Chewy

May 13, 2020 9 a.m.

Homer & Packers HOF'er Mark Chmura wonder who will end up with more Super Bowls: Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love, Packers reporter Jason Wilde joins the show to discuss the latest happenings from titletown, the Noble Vines Wine Line and plenty of sidebars and stories from Chewy.

5.12.20 Jason Wilde & Gabe Neitzel

May 12, 2020 5:16 p.m.

Hour 1: Mash-up week continues! And today’s show begins discussing nostalgia and hot takes which have dominated headlines today. One take in particular, Dan Graziano saying that Jordan Love will win more Super Bowls with the Packers than Aaron Rodgers has. Does Dan really believe this take? The guys discuss. Gabe also opens the phone lines allowing fans to give their hottest take that they have. The guys also talk about how hard it really is to win a Super Bowl.

Hour 2: The hour kicks off with a video game round of Are You Smarter Than in celebration of Tony Hawks Pro Skater remasters coming out later this year. This stems into a conversation about video games now and back in Jason’s day. The guys then get into more caller’s hot takes and talk about Packers personnel and specifically their draft picks. The guys speculate who out of the draft will be the best performer for the Packers. More football talk follows with ESPN’s Rob Demovsky who joins the show to close out the hour.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off talking about the notion that NFL may not have fans in the stands when it begins and how much of a different atmosphere that would make. We also learn Wilde doesn’t know the correct pronunciation of Theresa Wisconsin. We als

5.12.20 TBD w/ Greg Matzek & Tony Smith

May 12, 2020 3 p.m.

Greg's in for Bryan, so he breaks Tony's only rule and opens the show talking baseball! The guys dive into the MLBPA's pending decision, talk about the NBAPA's group text, check in with Sophia Minnaert, and have fun with words. In hour 2, Mason Crosby joins the show, T and Greg play "Guess Your Teammate", and Ashton leads "Would You Believe This?".

5.12.20 The Power Lunch

May 12, 2020 12:55 p.m.

Day 2 of Bryan Dee in! Bryan explains why he just wants MLB to sit down and come to an agreement, checks in with Brewers Radio host Matt Pauley, and shares why he was made at his GF on Monday night.

5.12.20 Scalzo Brust & Tausch

May 12, 2020 noon

MLB returning in July. Cellphones. Tausch can't figure out mute. Most annoying quarantine phrase.

5.12.20 - Homer & Chewy

May 12, 2020 9 a.m.

Homer & Chewy discuss the latest happening in MLB, ask if you would rather win a championship with Michael Jordan or Tom Brady, the guys are joined by Jason Wilde to talk Packers, plus Chewy can't say the word sucks and Homer gives the conclusion for his Mother's Day restaurant debacle.