ESPN Wisconsin Mashup

ESPN Wisconsin Mashup

The ultimate mashup: We're mixing up our favorite hosts on our favorite shows and putting them with co-hosts they're not so familiar with. It's MASHUP Week on ESPN Wisconsin and things are bound to get interesting...


5.11.20 Wilde & Gabe

May 11, 2020 5:50 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour kicks off introducing our Mashup Week lineup with Jason Wilde & Gabe Neitzel. The guys then get into their reaction of the latest episodes of The Last Dance which aired last night. The guys then paint parallels between the attitude of Michael Jordan and Aaron Rodgers towards their teammates. We then talk to one of Aaron Rodgers’ teammates James Jones and what it is like to have that tough leader in the locker-room. The hour ends paying homage to Jerry Stiller who passed away earlier today.

Hour 2: The hour kicks off with a Ben and Jerry Stiller movie round of Are You Smarter Than? This begins a conversation about Ben & Jerry Stiller movies and ranking the best ones. Also, this hour a conversation with Ben Haas of The Lombardi Cancer Foundation to update everyone that the Lombardi Golf Classic has been cancelled. In replacement of Wilde’s normal segment at this time – Wilde has filled in his own cavalcade of writers and today we end the hour with Sports Illustrated’s Bill Huber.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off introducing Jason Wilde to Don’t Get Hooked which kicks off the hour. Topics include NFL teams allowing season ticket holders to opt out, who’s better to host with Chewy or Homer, and more. The guys then play Woah Nelly where we learn about Jason Wilde participating in the Sausage race one day?

5.11.20 TBD w/ Greg Matzek & Tony Smith

May 11, 2020 3 p.m.

Day 1 of GMT? TGM? Anyways, it's Greg Matzek joining Tony for the week! The guys open things up talking about The Last Dance, diving into their favorite parts from Episodes 7 & 8 and getting Jason Wilde's take on Week 4 of the series. In hour 2 they discuss airplanes, play "Fact or Fiction" and "Guess Your Teammate", and discuss elevators.

5.11.20 The Power Lunch w/ Bryan Dee

May 11, 2020 1 p.m.

Day 1 of Bryan Dee in during The Power Lunch! Bryan reacts to some of the news of weekend, shares his biggest takeaways from Episodes 7 and 8 of The Last Dance, catches up with Bucks Reporter Eric Nehm, and give a thought to the AHL canceling the remainder of its season.

5.11.20 Scalzo Brust & Tausch

May 11, 2020 noon

Weekend Recap. Pat Connaughton joins the show. Wayne larrivee joins the show to discuss The Last dance.

5.11.20 - Homer & Chewy

May 11, 2020 9 a.m.

Homer & Chewy kickoff Mash Up Week discussing the latest episodes of The Last Dance, Homer talks about why he wanted to grow up to be just like Chewy, the guys get some things off their chest in The Rant and Homer has an issue with a restaurant on Mother's Day.