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2.11.20 Homer & Gabe w/ Cousins Sub Eric Nehm

February 11, 2020 8:13 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour kicks off with talking about the “broom balancing” thing that is making its waves around the internet. We also discuss the possibility of Major League Baseball and the proposed postseason rule changes that Rob Manfred has suggested which includes adding an extra 2 teams to the playoffs as well as the number one seed picking their opponent following their bye week. We continue to talk about the changes all around sports and if fans like them/hate them/ or even think that these things will happen.

Hour 2: We begin with a Mickey Mouse round of Are You Smarter Than? We then get into Forbes releasing their most valuable NBA teams and the Knicks top the list at 4.6 billion dollars – we question how the Knicks have pulled this off. We also talk about the Bucks acquiring NBA vet Marvin Williams and we get Eric’s thoughts on the newest member of the Bucks. We get into the Joel Embiid drama that is formulating. This stems into a conversation regarding how drama free the Bucks are. We end the hour talking to Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off talking about how the Bucks are underrated and how “no team fears them.” Eric & Gabe talk about how awesome of a situation this is. We continue with Don’t Get Hooked and callers call in to talk about the Bucks, the play time of Giannis, the level of concern the guys have about the Bucks in the playoffs and more.

2.10.20 Homer & Gabe

February 10, 2020 6:29 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins recapping the Academy Awards which happened last night. We then get into the Milwaukee Bucks who are on pace to easily win over 70 games. We also go over that, for some reason, that nobody in the NBA fears the Bucks – and H&G point out that it’s due to their playoff performance against Toronto last season. Bucks talk continues regarding their opponents and how badly the Bucks are whooping up on the rest of the NBA. We end the hour talking about Homer’s event where he was the “featured speaker” and we talk about how long a “featured speaker” should get to talk at an event.

Hour 2: The hour continues the discussion of “featured speaker” and the allotted length to speak. We also have a speed round of Are You Smarter Than? We also talk about Major League Baseball throwing around the idea of extending playoff teams from 5- 7 teams per league. We also talk more Bucks and what the likelihood of Giannis signing the super-max with the Bucks. This eventually dominoes into a conversation about Christian Yelich and his likelihood to sign with the Brewers when his contract is up in three years. We end the hour talking with Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with Homer & Gabe’s Top 5 @ 5 to recap the last week and weekend sports/athletes/events that the guys think deserve recognition. We then have a round of Don’t Get Hooked by Grant Hill. We discuss Giannis, the likelihood he repeats as MVP, Bobby Knight, and more.

2.7.20 Homer & Gabe w/ Cousins Subs John Kuhn

February 7, 2020 6:17 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins introducing our Cousins Sub of the day – John Kuhn! Who joins us as Homer is on assignment. The show kicks off from where it left off the last time John joined us on the show – saying The 49ers were going the beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl 54. Gabe does not let Kuhn forget his prediction. This leads to the guys breaking down the game and mainly, Jimmy Garoppolo and the coaching style of Kyle Shanahan. We then get into ESPN Brian Windhorst’s comments regarding the Bucks and how no NBA team fears them. Is that true? We equate a tough end to a season (Bucks last season) to Kuhn’s experience on teams coming off tough losses and how they can bounce back.

Hour 2: The hour begins with a John Kuhn round of Are You Smarter Than? We learn how many school records Kuhn has at his college. We also play a quick round of Wikipedia fact or fiction with John Kuhn off facts on his own Wikipedia page. The guys then discuss the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. There was a meeting between CBA execs yesterday to preview the discussion between players and executives that include extending a season to a 17th game, and in turn lowering punishments for players due to Marijuana offenses. We end the hour speaking to our Packers extractor Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off informing people that Jeff from Jeff Sports is too busy to join us on the show – but that does kick off a great conversation about what sort of sports memorabilia they own. We also field fan phone calls with other sports memorabilia and share their own stories. We also hear from Dave Beagle who calls in and tells us his biggest sports memorabilia story with the rarest item we have had on this program. We also hear about a few athletes crashing wedding receptions including John Kuhn participating in his own wedding crashing activities.

2.6.20 Homer & Gabe

February 6, 2020 6:16 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins with the guys recapping the NBA trade deadline and what moves that were made right at the buzzer. Homer & Gabe also has the win projections for NFL teams for next season. We also talk to Fox Six Sports Director Tim Van Vooren to talk Bucks basketball, the NBA Trade deadline, and Packers offseason priorities. We end the hour recapping the NBA trade deadline

Hour 2: The hour begins recapping the story out of UW Madison that there was a “racial comment” made by a UW staffer. Homer & Gabe break down all of the reports and try to clear the confusion about the comment and if it indeed involved Kobe King which was immediately reported. This story is just developing so Homer & Gabe try to work out some details. What we did learn from last hour is that the strength and conditioning coach Eric Hellman was placed on administrative leave when this story broke, but it was announced he did resign from his position. In between that we have a TIME Person of the year round of Are You Smarter Than? We also talk to Jason Wilde to end the hour.

Hour 3: The hour begins talking with a bonus segment of Jason Wilde and the conversation starts going over Pro Football Focus’ end of the season grades and they rank the top 101 players in the NFL this season and no Packers made the top 25. They also talk about the window of the Packers winning a super bowl and if the team is closer now, or are still 3 seasons away from contending for a Super Bowl. We also continue the discussion talking about how Homer can make Christian Yelich the face of baseball.

2.5.20 Homer & Gabe

February 5, 2020 6:15 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins talking about the Bucks, mainly if they could make a move by tomorrow’s trade deadline. The guys bounce around if an addition to the team could upset the chemistry of the team. Also, this hour, we talk to Packers hall of famer Ahman Green to talk about his new job as the E-Sports coach of Lakeland University. We try to put together an E-sports team that could go up against Ahman Green.

Hour 2: The hour begins with an E-sports round of Are You Smarter Than? We then go into the Bucks win against the Pelicans last night and spend some time talking about Zion Williamson and how his build as an athlete is something that is not seen every day in sports. We also continue to run through Pro Football Focus’ top 100 players in the NFL this season and we go find out where Packers land in the 50-25 players that were released today. Homer also reads an excerpt of an article that says the Packers should pick up OBJ. This leads into our conversation with Jason Wilde to end the hour.

Hour 3: The hour opens with a round of Rainman – followed by Redemption Man. We also play Don’t Get Hooked this hour and talk about Bryan Bulaga and the chances the Packers get to resign him, the possible changing of the golf ball the golf club and tournament courses, and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. (That is not a typo)

2.4.20 Homer & Gabe

February 4, 2020 7:29 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins with the Brewers walk of fame voting and the guys got their ballots today! So, we go through some of the names on the ballot and what names should no longer be on the list and maybe who has been on the list maybe too long. We also get into the history of Brewers and all of sports and Homer has a call to action of fans who are upset younger people don’t know of “Old Testament” or “Don Hutson” players.

Hour 2: The hour begins with an Elvis related round of Are You Smarter Than? We also continue the conversation talking about Hall of Fame’s around sports. To talk hall of famers – we talk to the “Doctor of Pitching” Jerry Augustine this hour to break down the Brewers walk of fame voting ballot as well as other Baseball Hall of Famers. Jerry also tells stories about Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, and his time in Milwaukee. We end the hour talking with our Packers extractor Jason Wilde

Hour 3: The hour begins continuing our Brewers walk of fame discussion which leads us to our Twitter poll question of the day: Should Hank The Dog be inducted into the Brewers walk of fame? We also play Don’t Get Hooked this hour and go through more members of the Brewers walk of fame. The guys also go through the Green Bay free agents listed by Pro Football Focus, stemming from a conversation held with Jason Wilde last hour. We end the program narrowing down Homer & Gabe’s ballot for the Brewers walk of fame.

2.3.20 Homer & Gabe

February 3, 2020 8:19 p.m.

Hour 1: The show kicks off recapping Super Bowl 54 as the Chiefs beat the 49ers. What happened with the Chiefs all game, and what happened with the 49ers defense? We ask about the takeaways for fans and Homer wants to discuss “booty” and the halftime show. We get fan reaction and we see how many times Homer says “booty” and “double booty” throughout the hour. Grab your counter, let Grant know how many he gets.

Hour 2: The hour opens with a Jennifer Lopez round of Are You Smarter Than? We then discuss Wisconsin basketball, coming off their win over Michigan State. The guys also discuss the landscape of college basketball and what teams are likely to make the Tournament at the end of the season. We also get into it with a fan who calls in arguing the hypothetical if the Packers did or did not grab Emmanuel Sanders in the offseason. We also talk to Jason Wilde this hour but before that, we discuss Andy Reid and his picture that went viral of his punt, pass, and kick back in 1971. We end the hour talking with Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour begins with Homer & Gabe’s top 5 @ 5 which is their top 5 athletes/events that they think made a difference in the world of sports. We talk about the XFL and also open up Don’t Get Hooked where we talk Super Bowl, Packers, running backs, Packers options in the off season, the Brewers, and more. We also end the program on a piece of production that is fantastic done by our very own Ashton Rotman.

1.31.20 Homer & Gabe

January 31, 2020 6:35 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins talking about Wisconsin native Tyler Herro and mainly, his comments regarding Kobe King deciding to transfer out of the program and what Herro said about the Badgers basketball team not having a program flattering enough to recruit in state talent. We go into how Tyler chose to go to Kentucky after verbally committing to Wisconsin and how the image of Wisconsin’s program doesn’t have the appeal of a Duke or a Kentucky program. The guys also talk about Kobe’s decision to leave the team and Homer points out that his teammates took to Twitter to defend King’s decision and what that says about those players, and mainly Kobe that they came to his defense. We end the hour hearing comments from Za’Darius Smith regarding Green Bay’s defense and how they didn’t finish this season and what preparation they need to do differently during the offseason. The guys break down Z’s coments to end the hour.

Hour 2: The hour begins talking about the newest NBA All-Star rule changes and what other rules in sports Homer & Gabe would change. We then have a Super Bowl ticket round of Are You Smarter Than? We take some phone calls – one caller who brought up if sports can rally around tragedy and he says Kobe’s death makes him worried if the Bucks meet the Lakers in the finals – that will propel the Lakers to find enough motivation to win the finals. Also, this hour we talk to Slim Jim and get our Super Bowl picks, as well as our daily conversation our very own Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: We begin the hour talking with Jeff from Jeff Sports and we get our sports memorabilia and gear appraised. Jeff begins talking about Giannis as well as the demand and prices raising for Kobe Bryant gear. We also spend this hour talking about how Eric Bledsoe got snubbed from the All-Star game this year and which player he would replace as next most qualified. No Rules Friday continues talking about the Aaron Hernendez documentary on Netflix, we hear from a doctor regarding the painkillers that Hernendez was taking.

1.30.20 Homer & Gabe

January 30, 2020 8:24 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins recapping the new rules to the NBA All-Star game and going over whether Homer & Gabe like it or not. We also get into the Marquette double overtime game yesterday and a special case where a foul wasn’t called when an it was very clear that the team was going for an intentional foul and how much of a predicament players are put in if the intentional foul isn’t called because they don’t want a flagrant foul. We then get into a discussion bout Badgers player Brad Davidson who was suspended for a game with what he did coming off a screen. This leads into a discussion of Kobe King announcing he will leave the Badgers program yesterday. Also this hour we have our conversation with Tim Van Vooren.

Hour 2: The hour begins with a Keanu Reeves round of Are You Smarter Than? We then learn more about Keanu Reeves that we guarantee you don’t know. Following that, we get into Za’Darius Smith who was on Wilde & Tausch earlier today and hear his comments regarding Aaron Rodgers, his leadership comparisons to Russell Wilson. Homer asks if it is okay to say that Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson have different leadership styles. We also get into the belief level of fans that the Milwaukee Bucks will win the NBA Championship this season. We end the hour talking with our Packers extractor Jason Wilde

Hour 3: We open the hour with a pretty competitive round of Rainman followed by a round of Redemption Man. Following that we talk to Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal to discuss the sudden announcement Badgers basketball player Kobe King made yesterday to say he is transferring out from UW to go play basketball elsewhere. We get Tom’s thoughts on Kobe’s announcement and he explains how that Kobe’s decision has been boiling over for a while – even well into last season. We end the hour speaking to Tony Smith and ask him about his comments that he would trade for Demar Derozen to be on the Bucks before the trade deadline.

1.29.20 Homer & Gabe

January 29, 2020 6:16 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins talking about the Shannahan coaching tree ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday. We then move on to the Bucks who won their 41st game last night against the Wizards – without Giannis, Middleton helped bring the win putting together a 51-point scoring effort with 10 rebounds and 6 assists. We spend two segments with Eric who breaks down the progress of Khris Middleton, how important he is to this current Bucks team, how he learned to win the favor of coach Mike Budenholzer. We end the hour putting a poll up asking if fans agree w/ Eric’s statement about Middleton.

Hour 2: The hour begins with a largest hotel round of Are You Smarter Than? We also continue to dive into what Eric Nehm said about Khris Middleton. After that we speak to pro football Hall of Famer voter and contributor Clark Judge to talk about the Hall of Fame voting, Mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan, LeRoy Butler, Ron Wolf, and much more about the Hall of Fame voting process and what nominees go through waiting in their hotel room waiting to hear if they have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We end the hour with our daily conversation with Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour opens talking about the recent breaking news that Wisconsin Badgers player Kobe King will be transferring out of UW and will no longer play basketball for the Badgers. We try to get some clarity on the NCAA transfer portal in the process. We also talk more about Eric Nehm’s comments earlier in the program that Khris Middleton right now is as good as Klay Thompson was when Golden State was in their prime. We play Don’t Get Hooked and have fans call in with their statement on Khris Middleton and the comparison he is getting with Klay Thompson. We end the program with a story of Homer talking about his shower dilemma in his hotel room.