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10.23.19 Homer & Gabe

October 23, 2019 7:32 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins going over Greg Jennings’ comments regarding Aaron Rodgers which do not normally fall under the normal comments Jennings makes about the quarterback. We also take fan engagement on if Aaron Rodgers should now do an interview with Greg Jennings now that Jennings has been complimentary to the quarterback. We also take fan phone calls and talk to Badgers leading sack leader Tarek Salah to talk about the unfortunate Badgers loss to Illinois.

Hour 2: We begin the hour with a whiskey related round of Are You Smarter Than? We also go over Giannis’ comments that were resurfaced from last spring of him saying that it would be “a difficult decision" to return to the Bucks if the team underperforms. Homer gives his thoughts. We also field more fan phone calls about Greg Jennings’ comments on Aaron Rodgers

Hour 3: The hour begins with a special edition of Rainman. We play a very quick round of Redemption man following Rainman (if you listen, you’ll understand why). We also have our daily conversation with Jason Wilde this hour as he had to move around his normal time due to coach's podium sessions in Green Bay.

10.22.19 Homer & Gabe

October 22, 2019 6:29 p.m.

Homer was solo today. We had an edition of GOMER. We also have a conversation with John Kuhn. In addition we play Are You Smarter Than, Don't Get Hooked, and have our daily conversation with Packers extractor Jason Wilde

10.22.19 Homer & Gabe

October 21, 2019 6:21 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour kicks off celebrating a victory Monday. We also clarify the quarterback rating, how that rating is determined, and what sort of stats you need to get a perfect QB and passer rating which Aaron Rodgers had on Sunday against the Raiders. We also field fan phone calls on Packers trade prospects before the trade deadline next Tuesday. A caller also suggests the acquisition of inside linebacker Jonathon Bostick from Washington. We field phone calls from other fans of other players the Packers team should get. We also have our weekly conversation with Mark Tauscher.

Hour 2: We begin the hour playing a round of Are You Smarter Than? The guys also go over the fumble in the end zone touchback rule that the Packers were beneficiaries from (more than once). The conversation then goes to offensive pass interference and NFL officiating if this pass interference call will be ever be corrected or called correctly. Other discussions include what sort of trade deadline trades will be made and what sort of teams have their eye on the playoffs. We also have our daily conversation with Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour begins with the Top 5 @ 5 which we do every week – and profile the top 5 sports/athletes/events/ over the past week that highlights the best things in sports. We also have our weekly conversation with Wayne Larrivee this segment where we go over Wayne’s highlight calls from the game before. We also cover a burner twitter account

10.17.19 Homer & Gabe

October 17, 2019 6:34 p.m.

Hour 1: Homer is solo for this show. We open talking about Homer being considered “whacky.” We also have our weekly conversation with Tim Van Vooren and break down the Packers roster as well as the Raiders roster who will come to Lambeau this Sunday afternoon. We also have a conversation with Ben Baldwin, a writer for The Athletic who wrote a very detailed article on Aaron Rodger’s performances throughout the years and how the numbers show that AR12 used to be a top 3 quarterback is now more around the middle-of-the-pack.

Hour 2: We begin the hour playing a quick round of Are You Smarter Than? We also begin fielding phone calls that the Packers are going to make the Super Bowl. Once callers begin their call with that statement, we go back and forth with callers regarding why or if the Packers make the Super Bowl and if they emerge victorious. These calls include talks of trading for a wide receiver mid-season and what sort of commodity the Packers should give up for another receiver.

Hour 3: The hour continues with taking phone calls from fans regarding their thoughts that the Packers could make the Super Bowl this season. We also have our weekly segment “Drive Time” with head coach Matt Lefleur. This hour also includes conversations with Tom Oates as part of GOMER (Great Old Man Entertaining Radio) and our good friend and Packers extractor Jason Wilde.

10.16.19 Homer & Gabe

October 16, 2019 6:28 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins going over the Ryder Cup ticket situation that had a lot of local golf fans upset that the online waiting room didn’t treat people very well. A lot of technical difficulties held people in a wait room that eventually didn’t have any tickets available. There were also reports that tickets popped up on third party ticket websites well before the sale period ended. The conversation then moves to the recent article in The Athletic that states Aaron Rodgers is no longer elite. We also go over some interesting bets for the remainder of the NFL season.

Hour 2: The hour starts normally with a Judge Judy related question for Are You Smarter Than? We also take more fan calls regarding the Packers. Homer makes a dinner bet with a fan regarding Matt Lefleur and his job status. We also get Packers info from our Packers extractor Jason Wilde who gives us an update on Devate Adams.

Hour 3: In this hour we begin playing a round of Rain Man. We then follow it up with a round of Redemption Man and update our leader board. We also then play a quick round of Don’t Get Hooked by producer Grant Hill to round out the last half hour.

10.15.19 Homer & Gabe

October 15, 2019 6:37 p.m.

Hour 1: The show opens as a Victory Tuesday following the Packers 23-22 win over the Detroit Lions. Homer & Gabe go over what was the best play of the game, what sort of game the referees had and how it impacted the Packers, and we take fan reactions to the game as well. We also have a conversation with Mark Tauscher this hour. The guys then break down what sort of plays were called in the 4th quarter that benefited the Packers including some Aaron Rodgers checks at the line changing the play call to a run.

Hour 2: The hour begins with a reptile round of Are You Smarter Than? We also run update the results of the Discount Liquor Twitter poll of the day that involves Packers wins for the season. We take more fan reactions of what the best part of the Packer game was. We also try to solve the punt return situation since Darius Shephard is losing the faith of Packer fans. There are also a few NFL trades made during the hour that Homer & Gabe break down. We also have our daily conversation with our Packers extractor Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour opens talking more about Darius Shephard and Allen Lazard and if it is stupid to think Shephard should be cut following his less than great performance on Monday night. They also talk about Allen Lazard and if he should be fielding punt returns, and/or if he will have a bigger impact on this receiving core especially if Devante Adams is going to miss more time. We also talk with John Kuhn as well as Wayne Larrivee.

10.14.19 Homer & Gabe

October 14, 2019 6:47 p.m.

Hour 1: The first hour is spent breaking down the Badgers performance over the weekend and really spent mostly looking ahead to the Ohio State game in two weeks. The question is then posed if the Badgers can possibly be a national title contender. Homer & Gabe then break down what sort of depth there is at college football and where Wisconsin falls in the top teams in FBS. The guys also break down the time change between the Badgers and Ohio State next week that is at 11 am. Although a “prime-time” sort of match up, Homer & Gabe explain why it works for TV’s and how a road game is more beneficial at 11 am for the visiting team

Hour 2: The hour opens starting with a quick round of Are You Smarter than with an Oprah related question. The discussion then turns to NFL officiating and the call window is open allowing callers to air their grievances about NFL officiating. We also preview the Packers and the Lions on Monday night football with our friend and Packers extractor Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour opens with our Top 5 at 5 segments. Gabe is on assignment, so Homer & Grant Hill go back and forth on their choices over the weekend. We also have our weekly segment of Don’t Get Hooked by Grant Hill and the extent of the conversation comes from what was brought up in Grant’s top 5 at 5.

10.11.19 Homer & Gabe

October 11, 2019 6:26 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour opens with a discussion about Mark Murphy and how Packer fans feelings are on the president now that the team is 4-1 now as compared to 3-2-1 last season. We take fan reactions on the phone. We also cover the offensive pass interference rule and how the NFL has done handling it over the first few 6 weeks.

Hour 2: We begin the hour with a classic round of Are You Smarter Than Gabe & Grant Hill. We also have a conversation with ex-Badgers linebacker and current sack leader Tarek Salah to break down what lies head of the Badgers in their match up against Michigan State. Tarek answers questions about the team like who he thinks the best individual player is, how does this year’s Badgers defense rank up against defenses in years past, and where this team ranks among the better Badgers teams in the past. We also have our conversation with Slim Jim who gives us our football picks for the weekend.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with Jeff from Jeff Sports where callers call in to get their signed sports memorabilia appraised. A few items on the docket, a signed Aaron Rodgers football, a signed Jimmy Butler Marquette jersey, and a Dwayne Wade item among others. We also have our daily conversation with Jason Wilde – who had to adjust his time because he had locker room interview opportunities. We also go over the poll questions of the day.

10.10.19 Homer & Gabe

October 10, 2019 8 p.m.

Hour 1: Homer holds down the fort solo for the show. The hour kicks off talking about Homer yelling. We also have a conversation with Tim Van Vooren to preview the Packers and the Lions coming up on Monday Night. Homer then asks which guest he should have on Pack Attack coming up on Monday night.

Hour 2: We begin the hour playing Are You Smarter Than. We then keep taking calls on Homer yelling, as well as if Packer fans are shocked that 25 NFL executives, scouts and coaches didn’t take Aaron Rodgers when asked which starting quarterback, they would take to win one game. All this including our weekly conversation with Jason Wilde. Topics covered with Wilde include Brett Favre’s 50th birthday, the day’s injury report, and Aaron Rodgers’ body language on the sideline.

Hour 3: The hour continues with more comments from Ron Wolf regarding Brett Favre as we celebrate the quarterback’s 50th birthday. Homer also dives into the NBA situation going on with China. We revisit the show polls, hear from head coach Matt Lefleur with Drive Time with Matt Lefleur.

10.9.19 Homer & Gabe

October 9, 2019 7:42 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins by breaking down post season baseball match ups, who Brewers fans would be pushed to root for, and what sort of broadcasters have made their way through post season and who are still doing play-by-play such as Dick Stockton and Bob Uecker versus Bob Costas. The conversation moves to if fans are REALLY excited about this year’s Packers team. Our teammate Mark Tauscher seems to be more excited about this team than others in the past – so we gage the fan’s temperature on the team.

Hour 2: We begin the hour playing Are You Smarter Than with a baseball themed question today. Homer & Gabe then discuss more about the Packers and a recent poll done that shows 25 NFL executives had the choice to take any quarterback to win a game and Aaron received no votes. We also talk to our good friend and our teammate Jason Wilde. Jason and the guys talk about Jason’s most recent article about Lucas Patrick who had very complimentary words on Aaron Rodgers which snuffed the narrative that AR12 is a bad teammate.

Hour 3: This hour begins by playing Rainman which is immediately followed by a round of Redemption Man. Within this hour we talk a little about the NBA with the Bucks preseason home-opener tonight. Much of the discussion is dedicated to Philadelphia 76ers point-guard Ben Simmons who made a preseason three pointer – the first three-point shot made by Simmons since he was in college in 2015.