Wilde & Tausch

Wilde & Tausch

Three-time Wisconsin Sportswriter of the Year Jason Wilde and Packers Hall of Famer Mark Tauscher discuss the latest on the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin sports, and more.


10.16.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 16, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Rodgers vs. Brady. Dumbwaiters. Jason's awkward interaction and follow-up text with Matt LaFleur. The Green & Gold Game Preview. And pirate-themed Wilde & Tausch Trivia.

Hour 2 - Dewitt Law Firm Q&A Day. Either/or comparisons between the Packers and Buccaneers. And Steinhafels Sleepers of the Week.

Hour 3 - A look around the NFL...which detours to become Tausch's recap of his recent viewing habits. Headlines, including an all-time pathetic one from Jason. Whoa Nelly, and Feel Good Friday.

10.15.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 15, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - The pandemic has led to Tausch wanting to eat earlier dinners. Does that make him old? Also, reaction to Brett Favre's comments about Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers crediting the Offensive Line for early season success, and casting a "Dream Team" of teachers at a hypothetical school?

Hour 2 - Are Packers position players getting enough credit for the job they've done so far this year? Tausch officially jinxed the SEC. Twitter Trash or Twitter Treasure. And Wilde & Tausch Trivia.

Hour 3 - Reaction to Davante Adams' comments with the media on Wednesday. More casting of the school faculty "Dream Team." And Whoa Nelly.

10.14.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 14, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Tausch likes when the media gets called out for asking a dumb question. Does Jason? Why did Jesse jump in a dumpster yesterday? Also Wilde & Tausch Trivia and discovering the Miami Dolphins and Houston Oilers have the same theme song?

Hour 2 - Should the guys help the Green Bay Packers come up with a new fight song? Did You Hear This featuring Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show. And Homer joins for his weekly appearance.

Hour 3 - Memories of Tausch and Homer doing the Pack Attack TV show together as they prepare to host the radio version this weekend. The University of Florida shuts down its football operations, but still wants full fan attendance? Also Whoa Nelly, and final thoughts on a new Packers fight song.

10.13.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 13, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Tausch's takeaway from Monday Night Football is that the Saints are no longer a threat to the Packers winning the NFC. Agree? Also, Jason asks Matt LaFleur a long-winded question per Tausch's request. The return of the Wilde & Tausch Fib-O-Meter! And Tausch's Tennis Minute.

Hour 2 - MAJOR shocking news from an icon of Wisconsin sports media. Jason reveals the identity of the NFL coach who didn't wash his hands at the winter meetings he attended two years ago. And The Badger Outsider presented by PDS makes his weekly appearance.

Hour 3 - Iconic Wisconsin sports photos. Wilde & Tausch Trivia. And Whoa Nelly!

10.12.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 12, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Tausch wants to know more about the bugs that were bothering him while coaching baseball over the weekend. Reaction to Russell Wilson leading the Seahawks to a comeback win over the Vikings. Do teams need elite quarterbacks now to win the Super Bowl?

Hour 2 - Jason and Tausch disagree whether a special guest should join the show this week. Breaking news about the Badgers season-opener. And Need It Or Don't Need It?

Hour 3 - Critiquing the media's portrayal of sports leagues fighting COVID-19 issues. Wilde & Tausch Trivia. Plus Whoa Nelly, and news on health of Packers players returning to practice.

10.9.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 9, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Jason and Tausch like Jesse's idea about next week's Packers-Bucs game, given the NFL's challenges rescheduling games due to COVID-19. Also, what down is it, Tom Brady?

Hour 2 - Jesse learned his parents went to great lengths to keep something a secret from him for a long time as a kid. What secrets have you kept from your kids, or what secrets did your parents keep from you? Also, Wilde & Tausch Trivia.

Hour 3 - Are the guys intrigued by the MLB postseason? Steinhafels Sleepers of the Weekend, plus this week's trivia winner. Also Whoa Nelly, and Feel Good Friday.

10.8.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 8, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - With new producer Hunter sitting in with Jesse, the guys wonder if there are actually women named Hunter. Turns out, there are, and one calls in. Also, Wilde & Tausch Trivia and Did You Hear This?

Hour 2 - Examining the latest on the Titans and the NFL's COVID-19 protocols. And former Badgers QB Brooks Bollinger joins the show.

Hour 3 - Expectations for Graham Mertz. Tausch comes through on his commitment to golf with a buddy. Whoa Nelly, and talkin' Whoopi.

10.7.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 7, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Reaction to what Aaron Rodgers had to say this week on The Pat McAfee Show. Smug, factual, or both? ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky joins the show to share his thoughts on the Packers hot start.

Hour 2 - Can Jason tier the favorite players he's covered over the years in Green Bay? Wilde & Tausch Trivia. And Homer joins for his weekly appearance.

Hour 3 - Tausch asks if people have used COVID as an excuse to get out of doing things, and then tells a story about a famous athlete who once completed a foursome at a local golf course. Plus Whoa Nelly, and reaction to the latest positive COVID-19 tests in the NFL.

10.6.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 6, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Initial takeaways from the Packers 30-16 win over the Falcons on Monday Night Football. Are the 2020 Packers actually capable of running the table? Plus the guys share their positives and negatives.

Hour 2 - Fans call in to share their positives and negatives from the Packers win over the Falcons.

Hour 3 - More positives and negatives, Wilde & Tausch Trivia on National Noodle Day, Whoa Nelly, and a few stats showing how the 2020 Packers are setting new NFL records.

10.5.20 Wilde & Tausch

October 5, 2020 11 a.m.

Hour 1 - Previewing the Falcons-Packers Monday Night matchup with breaking news about Davante Adams. Also, the Badger Outsider presented by PDS joins to discuss the news from the weekend about the Badgers QB situation.

Hour 2 - The Green & Gold Game Preview, Need It Or Don't Need It?, Steinhafels Sleepers of the Week, and Wilde & Tausch Trivia.

Hour 3 - Continuing to preview Packers-Falcons, including the guys sharing their predictions in Headlines. Also Whoa Nelly, and did Tausch ditch out on the show's final segment to get a nap in before the late kickoff tonight?