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2.21.20 Homer & Gabe w/ Cousins Sub Eric Nehm

February 21, 2020 8:03 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour opens introducing our Cousins Subs of the day Eric Nehm in for Homer as he is traveling for Marquette duties. The discussion fittingly starts with the Bucks and the 76ers. The two teams meet tomorrow in primetime – and Joel Embiid is declaring himself as “the best player in the world.” Eric & Gabe break down that confidence is good – but ignorance is not. The guys also talk about who the MVP would be if Giannis weirdly doesn’t take home the award for the 2nd year in a row. Also, the stories that have been published that the Golden State Warriors will try to make a move to acquire Giannis. Also other hypotheticals if Giannis doesn’t sign the supermax, and the season the Bucks would have with one year remaining with the MVP. We end the hour talking some Brewers.

Hour 2: The hour begins with another hippo related round of Are You Smarter Than? We then talk about hockey and Eric describes how he is going to a Capitals/Penguins this weekend. A big rivalry in the NHL and we try to prep Nehm for the game this weekend. We have callers call in giving them their best hockey advice. We also get into the NFLPA voting on the CBA – however, the voting was postponed until this weekend. We take phone calls on that and end the hour talking with our very own Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour begins opening up No Rules Friday to end the week. We do continue this interesting conversation regarding the NFL collective bargaining agreement. We field fan phone calls regarding the CBA and where they stand as fans. We also talk about David Ortiz’s comments calling Mike Fiers a “snitch” for exposing the Astros for cheating back in 2017. We end the third hour just as we ended the 2nd hour – with our very good friend Jason Wilde.

2.20.20 Homer & Gabe

February 20, 2020 6:05 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins with introducing the show live at Dave & Busters and the special screening of Dwayne Wade: Life Unexpected – a ESPN films on the Marquette alum and his journey through life and basketball. The discussion of the proposed NFL expanded playoff format allowing 7 teams from each conference into the playoffs – a topic Homer likes but Gabe isn’t necessarily a fan of. This hour we break down that subject and more with Tim Van Vooren.

Hour 2: The hour begins with, yes, another hippo round of Are You Smarter Than? The guys also break down the newly proposed NFL CBA, which was passed by NFL owners, and now it comes down to a player vote. We get fan engagement putting it up on the poll where fans come down on the issue. This hour we also talk to Jason Wilde to end the hour.

Hour 3: The hour starts talking about the Giannis interview with USA Today during the All-Star break where Giannis is asked about staying in Milwaukee if he wins a title with the Bucks. We also field more fan phone calls regarding the NFL proposed playoff expansion and if fans are excited or not excited about more playoff games (if the proposal passes with the players).

2.19.20 Homer & Gabe

February 19, 2020 6:48 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour opens up as shows have all week, the newest players around Major League Baseball coming out with statements regarding the Houston Astros cheating in 2017. We also switch our focus to college basketball and talk to ESPN’s John Gassaway to talk about the “uniqueness” of this year’s college basketball landscape. We continue talking college hoops and what teams we can trust as the tournament starts in just over a month. We continue to talk Astros scandal, Giannis signing the Super Max with Milwaukee versus leaving for somewhere else.

Hour 2: The hour opens with another hippo round of Are You Smarter Than? After that, we try to dissect the “Style of play” of the Milwaukee Brewers. Homer has his own interpretation of the Brewers style of play. We spend some time talking about D-wade and his teammates on Marquette’s team. Homer goes into the best dunkers in Marquette history. We end the hour talking with our Packers

Hour 3: The hour begins with a fun round of Rainman Man. We also have an extremely fun round of Redemption Man following Rainman. We also have a round of Don’t Get Hooked and talk about Cavaliers coach John Beilein. We end the show talking about the most breaking news around the NFL on how the playoff structure will supposedly change next season if the CBA is agreed.

2.18.20 Homer & Gabe

February 18, 2020 6:29 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour kicks off going over the most recent statements about the Astros; this time Nick Markakis who says the Astros “deserve a beating” for cheating. We open the phone lines asking fans what they would say about the Astros if they were players in MLB. This turns into a hypothetical conversation of the Astros receiving a post season ban. The guys also address the Bucks this hour and we hear from Doris Burke who was on Golic & Wingo today saying the Bucks should be the favorite in the East but are still vulnerable.

Hour 2: The hour begins with, what will seem to be a weekly theme, a hippo related round of Are You Smarter Than? We also talk more about the Astros and if banning the Astros from the post season is a good enough punishment since no “real” punishment was handed down from Commissioner Rob Manfred. Now Manfred made the argument that the players involved in the Astros would win their appeal and that was his reason he didn’t hand out a punishment to players. We continue to field fan phone calls on this subject. We end the hour talking with our Packers extractor Jason Wilde

Hour 3: The hour opens talking with the lead in “McGuire” a production that will be happening profiling the life and times of Al McGuire before Marquette University and beyond. We speak to Anthony Crivello, who is a Marquette Alum, and what he saw of coach McGuire when he was coaching at Marquette and what unique perspective Anthony had at his time in Marquette. We end the hour with Don’t Get Hooked and talk about Marquette getting a bid to the Tournament and how many Big East teams that are projected to make the big dance.

2.17.20 Homer & Gabe

February 17, 2020 6:45 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins recapping the NBA All-Star Game. Homer & Gabe have their biggest takeaways including the competitiveness of the 4th quarter, the defense that was ACTUALLY played and charges that were taken?? We also get yet another statement on the Houston Astros cheating scandal – this time from Mike Trout. Also, as commissioner Rob Manfred came out in a 45-minute interview he had some statements on the Astros that really didn’t help the situation.

Hour 2: The hour begins with probably the most interesting round of Are You Smarter Than in my tenure – Grant Hill. Just.... just listen to it. We also get back into this cheating scandal – as well as what other teams that were mentioned in the scandal and where teams, like the Red Sox, and what sort of punishment they face. The question of how this cheating impacted the Astros is the question we try to answer. Although we can’t put an amount on it, we also get into the discussion of how long this has supposedly been going on. Baseball claimed that they found no evidence of cheating outside of 2017. We end the hour talking with Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with Homer & Gabe’s Top 5 @ 5 which are the top 5 sports/events/athletes/(animals?) that the guys think need recognition. We also play Don’t Get Hooked and hear Marvin Gaye, Carl Lewis and Fergie’s national anthem. We also have someone call in plugging MATC who’s men’s basketball team is now ranked #1 in the country in Division II play. We continue the talk of Jr. College and the appeal for an athlete to go to JC if they don’t necessarily get looks from teams out of college. And the different choices between sports. The hour ends talking about Marquette hoops and the improvement the team has made.

2.14.20 Homer & Gabe

February 14, 2020 6:08 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour kicks off discussing the Astros cheating scandal and Homer asks the question – if we will hear about this every day up until opening day – and will we hear about it afterwards. We continue this hour to talk about the Bucks and their winning total they are on pace for with a 46-8 record at the all-star break. We end the hour talking about Zion Williamson and if he will make it to the NBA hall of fame.

Hour 2: The hour begins with an eBay related question of Are You Smarter Than? We also talk about shipping things and Homer getting away with some things such as shipping books and taking donuts. We get into justifying behavior that isn’t necessarily right. We field fan phone calls regarding Homer’s behavior, The Astros cheating scandal, and more. We also end the hour speaking to Jason Wilde

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with Jeff from Jeff Sports who we have on every Friday at this time. We talk about Blake Martinez apparel, and talk about Zion Williamson gear who’s value of his signed gear is only going to grow the better he gets. We also hear about Bart Starr gear, Ron Dayne stuff, Melvin Gordan memorabilia and more. We also end the hour with No Rules Friday and talk about Hall of Fames and if the word fame should be considered when thinking of members. We also talk about the Dwayne Wade story and Homer being upset he wasn’t asked to be on the movie.

2.13.20 Homer & Gabe

February 13, 2020 6 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins addressing the Astros comments regarding the sign stealing scandal and the Astros comments at their spring training facility earlier today. They received a lot of criticism from how they approached their apology and how insincere it felt. Homer calls the outing “brilliant” We talk to Tim Van Vooren and get his thoughts on the whole situation and Homer’s perspective. We end the hour talking with Jason Wilde who had to adjust his time today.

Hour 2: The hour kicks off with an average speed limit round of Are You Smarter Than? We also continue the discussion with the Houston Astros addressing the media earlier today and get Homer’s thoughts on how owner Jim Craine addressed his role in the cheating scandal and “lack of knowledge” he claims to having,

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with a special Thursday round of Rainman going up against Pratik. We also follow that up with our round of Redemption Man. And the One question line after that. Homer answers questions regarding Dwayne Wade and what it was like to call his games when he was at Marquette. Homer ends the hour telling us about his Dwayne Wade stories.

2.12.20 Homer & Gabe

February 12, 2020 6:04 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins talking about Homer’s campaign to make Christian Yelich the face of baseball by growing his Instagram account following. We also talk about how the struggles of Yelich not being the face of baseball. We also ask the question of who is the “face of baseball” - which turns into a discussion of which player has the most flair. We also get into the topic of bat flips, and what sort of likelihood Homer gets JJ Watt on the show, and more.

Hour 2: The hour begins with a farming round of Are You Smarter Than? We also get deeper into this bat flip situation and talk about who loves it and who hates bat flips – or as Gabe dubs it, fun. We also discuss the new MLB rules that were made official by the league earlier today. Rules include postseason roster changes, a two-way player rule change, as well as rules to managers challenging calls. We also get into the story of Davon House retiring as a Packer – Homer has his thoughts on another player returning to the team they used to play for after playing for another team. We end the hour talking with our Packers extractor Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with no Redemption Man as we are pushing it back tomorrow – we preview talking about how contestants will go up against Pratik tomorrow and letting folks know they have no chance of winning. We play Don’t Get Hooked the entire hour where we talk Valentine’s Day, book sharing, diets, and much more.

2.11.20 Homer & Gabe w/ Cousins Sub Eric Nehm

February 11, 2020 8:13 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour kicks off with talking about the “broom balancing” thing that is making its waves around the internet. We also discuss the possibility of Major League Baseball and the proposed postseason rule changes that Rob Manfred has suggested which includes adding an extra 2 teams to the playoffs as well as the number one seed picking their opponent following their bye week. We continue to talk about the changes all around sports and if fans like them/hate them/ or even think that these things will happen.

Hour 2: We begin with a Mickey Mouse round of Are You Smarter Than? We then get into Forbes releasing their most valuable NBA teams and the Knicks top the list at 4.6 billion dollars – we question how the Knicks have pulled this off. We also talk about the Bucks acquiring NBA vet Marvin Williams and we get Eric’s thoughts on the newest member of the Bucks. We get into the Joel Embiid drama that is formulating. This stems into a conversation regarding how drama free the Bucks are. We end the hour talking to Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off talking about how the Bucks are underrated and how “no team fears them.” Eric & Gabe talk about how awesome of a situation this is. We continue with Don’t Get Hooked and callers call in to talk about the Bucks, the play time of Giannis, the level of concern the guys have about the Bucks in the playoffs and more.

2.10.20 Homer & Gabe

February 10, 2020 6:29 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins recapping the Academy Awards which happened last night. We then get into the Milwaukee Bucks who are on pace to easily win over 70 games. We also go over that, for some reason, that nobody in the NBA fears the Bucks – and H&G point out that it’s due to their playoff performance against Toronto last season. Bucks talk continues regarding their opponents and how badly the Bucks are whooping up on the rest of the NBA. We end the hour talking about Homer’s event where he was the “featured speaker” and we talk about how long a “featured speaker” should get to talk at an event.

Hour 2: The hour continues the discussion of “featured speaker” and the allotted length to speak. We also have a speed round of Are You Smarter Than? We also talk about Major League Baseball throwing around the idea of extending playoff teams from 5- 7 teams per league. We also talk more Bucks and what the likelihood of Giannis signing the super-max with the Bucks. This eventually dominoes into a conversation about Christian Yelich and his likelihood to sign with the Brewers when his contract is up in three years. We end the hour talking with Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with Homer & Gabe’s Top 5 @ 5 to recap the last week and weekend sports/athletes/events that the guys think deserve recognition. We then have a round of Don’t Get Hooked by Grant Hill. We discuss Giannis, the likelihood he repeats as MVP, Bobby Knight, and more.