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10.11.19 Homer & Gabe

October 11, 2019 6:26 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour opens with a discussion about Mark Murphy and how Packer fans feelings are on the president now that the team is 4-1 now as compared to 3-2-1 last season. We take fan reactions on the phone. We also cover the offensive pass interference rule and how the NFL has done handling it over the first few 6 weeks.

Hour 2: We begin the hour with a classic round of Are You Smarter Than Gabe & Grant Hill. We also have a conversation with ex-Badgers linebacker and current sack leader Tarek Salah to break down what lies head of the Badgers in their match up against Michigan State. Tarek answers questions about the team like who he thinks the best individual player is, how does this year’s Badgers defense rank up against defenses in years past, and where this team ranks among the better Badgers teams in the past. We also have our conversation with Slim Jim who gives us our football picks for the weekend.

Hour 3: The hour kicks off with Jeff from Jeff Sports where callers call in to get their signed sports memorabilia appraised. A few items on the docket, a signed Aaron Rodgers football, a signed Jimmy Butler Marquette jersey, and a Dwayne Wade item among others. We also have our daily conversation with Jason Wilde – who had to adjust his time because he had locker room interview opportunities. We also go over the poll questions of the day.

10.10.19 Homer & Gabe

October 10, 2019 8 p.m.

Hour 1: Homer holds down the fort solo for the show. The hour kicks off talking about Homer yelling. We also have a conversation with Tim Van Vooren to preview the Packers and the Lions coming up on Monday Night. Homer then asks which guest he should have on Pack Attack coming up on Monday night.

Hour 2: We begin the hour playing Are You Smarter Than. We then keep taking calls on Homer yelling, as well as if Packer fans are shocked that 25 NFL executives, scouts and coaches didn’t take Aaron Rodgers when asked which starting quarterback, they would take to win one game. All this including our weekly conversation with Jason Wilde. Topics covered with Wilde include Brett Favre’s 50th birthday, the day’s injury report, and Aaron Rodgers’ body language on the sideline.

Hour 3: The hour continues with more comments from Ron Wolf regarding Brett Favre as we celebrate the quarterback’s 50th birthday. Homer also dives into the NBA situation going on with China. We revisit the show polls, hear from head coach Matt Lefleur with Drive Time with Matt Lefleur.

10.9.19 Homer & Gabe

October 9, 2019 7:42 p.m.

Hour 1: The hour begins by breaking down post season baseball match ups, who Brewers fans would be pushed to root for, and what sort of broadcasters have made their way through post season and who are still doing play-by-play such as Dick Stockton and Bob Uecker versus Bob Costas. The conversation moves to if fans are REALLY excited about this year’s Packers team. Our teammate Mark Tauscher seems to be more excited about this team than others in the past – so we gage the fan’s temperature on the team.

Hour 2: We begin the hour playing Are You Smarter Than with a baseball themed question today. Homer & Gabe then discuss more about the Packers and a recent poll done that shows 25 NFL executives had the choice to take any quarterback to win a game and Aaron received no votes. We also talk to our good friend and our teammate Jason Wilde. Jason and the guys talk about Jason’s most recent article about Lucas Patrick who had very complimentary words on Aaron Rodgers which snuffed the narrative that AR12 is a bad teammate.

Hour 3: This hour begins by playing Rainman which is immediately followed by a round of Redemption Man. Within this hour we talk a little about the NBA with the Bucks preseason home-opener tonight. Much of the discussion is dedicated to Philadelphia 76ers point-guard Ben Simmons who made a preseason three pointer – the first three-point shot made by Simmons since he was in college in 2015.

10.8.19 Homer & Gabe

October 8, 2019 8:12 p.m.

Hour 1: Homer & Gabe’s Eric Nehm of The Athletic fills in for Homer who is on assignment. This brings a lot of Bucks talk for this hour with today’s show following the first game of the preseason. Conversations include asking Eric about Giannis’ Super-Max deal, the pending starting lineup for the Bucks, Malcolm Brogdon, and much more.

Hour 2: In hour 2, we play a round of Are You Smarter Than. We then go through the ridiculous stats of Barry Bonds. We then get into the Packers and Eric’s take that the Packers are “okay” with teams excelling in the run game as long as the Packers are scoring more points – the “Golden State Warriors” Model. We also have our daily conversation with Jason Wilde

Hour 3: The hour begins talking about if anyone who hasn’t seen Star Wars starts watching the movies on cable TV. There is a story behind that. Also, we have our weekly conversation with Packers radio network sideline reporter and ex-Packers player John Kuhn. The guys break down the game management of Aaron Rodgers last Sunday against the Cowboys among other aspects of the game. The conversation with Kuhn also includes a talk about culture, injuries and how the impact the Packers game plan, as well as a preview of Monday night’s match up against the Detroit Lions.

10.7.19 Homer & Gabe

October 7, 2019 7:15 p.m.

Hour 1: Homer & Gabe celebrate a victory Monday following a 34-24 win over the Dallas Cowboys to take the Packers to a 4-1 record. This hour is spent mostly breaking down the nuances of the game and taking phone calls and fan reaction. Gabe gives some interesting stats of defenses in the past that have gone to the Super Bowl reliant on defense turnover rate as well as scoring and if it is a successful model for a team looking to the post season.

Hour 2: In hour 2 of the show, the discussion continues about the Packers and the Cowboys. We also play Are You Smarter Than, have a discussion with Mark Tauscher and Jason Wilde as well to break down more Packers talk.

Hour 3: In hour 3 of the show, we begin the hour with the Top 5 at 5. We then have a conversation with Packers Radio Network play-by-play man Wayne Larrivee where we go through his highlights of the game between the Packers and the Cowboys and have Wayne break down his thoughts in real time.

10.4.19 Homer & Gabe

October 4, 2019 8:13 p.m.

Hour 1: In hour 1 the conversation starts about the availability of Devante Adams for the Packers game against the Cowboys on Sunday. Adams was officially ruled as out when the injury report was released earlier in the day.

Hour 2: Hour 2 of the program has more discussion previewing the Packers and the Cowboys this Sunday afternoon. A big discussion is the running game and with only one “running back” in Aaron Jones on the chart, with an injured Jamaal Williams, how much of the workload will Jones shoulder and how much will the team balance the run and the pass game. In this segment we also play Are You Smarter Than? We speak with Slim Jim who gives us his football picks for this Sunday, and we also talk to our Packers insider Jason Wilde

Hour 3: Hour 3 of Homer & Gabe includes more talk previewing the Packers and the Cowboys and the injuries on the Packers. Jeff from Jeff Sports talks to Homer and takes phone calls to appraise sports memorabilia. We also get our picks from Slim Jim, as well as No Rules Friday!

10.3.19 Homer & Gabe

October 3, 2019 8 p.m.

Hour 1: Ron Wolf and author Michael Bauman join Homer & Gabe for the entire first hour of the show. They dive into Ron Wolf’s book Ron Wolf and The Green Bay Packers. They get into the meat and potatoes of the book, as well as what Ron Wolf did to sign Brett Favre to the Packers. They further dive into Brett Favre's ability and how Ron thinks that Favre was one of the smartest quarterbacks to ever play in the league. Ron Wolf talks about one of his most famous quotes following the Super Bowl matchup between the Packers and the Broncos. Ron then talks about the current state of the NFL mainly the replay system. Ron also answers a question what it is like to win the Super Bowl, and how it feels.

Hour 2: We play Are You Smarter Than, speak with Tim VanVooren and have a conversation with Jason Wilde.

Hour 3: Hour three includes a conversation with ESPN’s Jay Bilas. Homer & Gabe are joined by ESPN’s Jay Bilas to talk about the California state bill that allows college student athletes to profit off their name and likeness. Also included in this hour: The Drive Time conversation with Packers head coach Matt Lefleur with Larry McCarren, Rainman, and the season finale of Redemption Man!