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2.21.20 Doug Russell w/ Delaney Brey

February 21, 2020 7:47 p.m.

Delaney Brey TMJ4’s sportswriter Delaney Brey joins The Doug Russell Show and the conversation begins recapping the NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago where both Delaney and Doug were. Delaney and Doug also go into the Houston Astros cheating scandal and what sort of season the Astros have ahead of them. Consensus it’s going to be a long season. They also get into the comments of David Ortiz calling Mike Fiers a “snitch” and they give their thoughts on that. Delaney also previews a soccer story that she has been working on for TMJ4.

2.21.20 Doug Russell w/ Greg Matzek

February 21, 2020 6:47 p.m.

Greg Matzek Our very own joins The Doug Russell Show live from Brewers Spring Training down in Pheonix Arizona. Doug asks Greg if following a week of Spring Training activities does everyone on the team need nametags or are the guys getting more familiar with the newest faces. Greg also talks about the old friends of the Brewers and details the rehab for Corey Knabel who is coming off Tommy John Surgery. As for new faces, Greg details the newest Brewers Brock Holt, who comes over from the Boston Red Sox. Greg also reports from the Brewers perspective regarding the Houston Astros scandal and if there have been outspoken voices in the locker room ahead of the regular season.

2.21.20 Power Lunch w/ Eric Lauer

February 21, 2020 12:55 p.m.

Greg Matzek is joined by new Brewers pitcher Eric Lauer at Spring Training. They discuss the process of being traded, dive into some of the off-the-field stuff that is impacted by changing teams, and get into the role that he is going to find himself with the Brewers.

2.21.20 Power Lunch w/ Eric Yardley

February 21, 2020 12:50 p.m.

Greg Matzek is joined by new Brewers pitching hopeful Eric Yardley to get the inside story on how he transitioned from infielder to pitcher to almost roster cut to a sidearm right-handed reliever.

2.21.20 Tramon Williams

February 21, 2020 10:51 a.m.

Tramon Williams joins Wilde and Tausch to chat about his next moves as a player.

2.21.20 - Craig Karmazin w/ Gabe & Chewy

February 21, 2020 9 a.m.

GKB CEO and Bucks minority owner Craig Karmazin joins The Show w/ Gabe & Chewy to discuss the Bucks, the Astros sign stealing scandal and the potential new CBA in the NFL.

2.20.20 Homer & Gabe w/ Tim Van Vooren

February 20, 2020 4:25 p.m.

Tim Van Vooren Fox Six Sports Director Tim Van Vooren joins Homer & Gabe for his weekly Thursday segment on the show. The discussion begins with TVV breaking the tie regarding the guy’s thoughts of the NFL CBA negotiations coming up with the newest format where 7 teams from each conference make the playoffs. After football talk, TVV segues nicely into the Houston Astros situation and H&G give their idea of imposing a post-season ban on the Astros. Knowing that it probably won’t happen – TVV likes the idea and in addition, gives his thoughts on how MLB commissioner Rob Manfred handled the entire scandal situation. They also talk about the Packers and if Aaron Jones holds out heading into next season for a new contract and what is the likelihood of that happening?

2.20.20 TBD w/ Steve Novak

February 20, 2020 3:05 p.m.

Fox Sports Wisconsin's Steve Novak joins Bryan and Tony to talk about the latest rumors surrounding the future contract of Giannis, discuss his time with Dwyane Wade at Marquette, and he gives his take on Chicken & Waffles.

2.20.20 Power Lunch w/ Lorenzo Cain

February 20, 2020 1:02 p.m.

Greg Matzek is joined by Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain at Brewers Spring Training. The two discuss Cain wanting to get to camp as early as possible to work through his 2019 problems, discuss what he gets out of the Spring sessions, dive into the future for Cain and how much longer he'll play, and find out Cain's take on the Astros controversy.

2.20.20 Power Lunch w/ Corey Ray

February 20, 2020 1 p.m.

Greg Matzek is joined by Brewers prospect Corey Ray at Brewers Spring Training. They discuss the upcoming season for Corey Ray - as he is on the cusp of reaching the Brewers roster, dive into what he's working on in camp, and talk about his somewhat up and down minor league career.