The Jump Around

The Jump Around

TJ Hogan and Jim Rutledge preview everything Wisconsin Sports and more!


10.9.20 The Jump Around

October 9, 2020 3 p.m.

Why didn't Ben Brust buy Jim Rutledge coffee when he bought for the rest of the office? Jim shares his thoughts on the Bears big Thursday win over the Bucs. And David from Just The Cheese joins to talk Packers in the "Just The Cheesehead" segment.

10.8.20 The Jump Around

October 8, 2020 3 p.m.

Is COVID-19 now the biggest threat to the Packers getting to the Super Bowl? Plus Graham Mertz speaks with the media for the first time since Jack Coan's injury. And Jim shares his thoughts on big stories about turkeys and flies.

10.6.20 The Jump Around

October 6, 2020 3 p.m.

Everyone wants to proclaim the Packers as the best team in the NFL with the inside track to the Super Bowl. But not Jim Rutledge! He's here to warn Packers fans that other teams across the league are good at football too.

10.5.20 The Jump Around

October 5, 2020 3 p.m.

Jim asks who the antihero is of the NFL right now, and also brings in the hippest person in the office to help explain a TikTok trend he found over the weekend. Also, a whiparound recap of Week 4 of the NFL season, and Jim's thoughts on the Badgers QB situation.

10.2.20 The Jump Around

October 2, 2020 3 p.m.

If this was the final season for Ryan Braun in Milwaukee, Jim Rutledge says Brewers fans should move on. What comes to mind first when you think about the former MVP's legacy?

10.1.20 The Jump Around

October 1, 2020 7:41 p.m.

Brewers. Just The Cheesehead w/ David. Eric from The Nitty Gritty joins the show.

9.29.20 The Jump Around

September 29, 2020 3 p.m.

Jim continues his conversation awarding credit for the Packers hot offensive start by comparing Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers to Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. Plus a full recap of Week 3 of the NFL season.

9.28.20 The Jump Around

September 28, 2020 3 p.m.

Jim reacts to the Packers big Sunday Night Football win over the Saints. Who should get more credit for the Packers hot start on offense: Matt LaFleur or Aaron Rodgers? Plus, our old pal TJ Hogan returns to the show to debate Jim on the legitimacy of the Brewers' franchise record third straight playoff appearance.

9.25.20 The Jump Around

September 25, 2020 3 p.m.

Jim shares his expectations for the Packers-Saints matchup Sunday Night, including being joined by David from Just The Cheese for the "Just The Cheesehead" segment. Also, is there any chance the Brewers come back this weekend and reach the playoffs?

9.24.20 The Jump Around

September 24, 2020 3 p.m.

Jim reacts to Paul Chryst's fashion advice about crew neck sweatshirts on Wilde & Tausch. Also, is it more important to know how to change a tire or jumpstart your car? And Jim has some thoughts on Tyler Herro's big night for the Heat.